Communicate in a way that your partner and others will hear you.

A 5-week workshop for couples: online and in person

  • Stop small arguments from escalating into big blow ups.

  • Get clarity on how to communicate in a way that your partner hears you.

  • Discover and understand your personal communication preferences…and their’s too. 

When it comes to resolving conflicts in relationships, many couples are so close to the issue they don’t know where to start.


 The TalkType Workshop is led by Melanie Hall, founder of Insights Therapeutic Services. Melanie has studied psychology and interpersonal communications for years, and as such is versatile in relationship counseling. She’s consulted with hundreds of people to help them identify their communications styles and improve relationships with others. 

Melanie isn’t a therapist in an ivory tower. The TalkType framework she created has helped her manage anger, anxiety, and hurt feelings in her own relationship, and the process resulted in more truthful, result-orientated dialogue with her spouse. By understanding their individual communication styles, she and her husband were able to move pass years of poor connection that involved stuffing feelings and ignoring the elephant in the room.

Since then she’s gone on to consult with many couples. Hundreds of Melanie’s clients have dramatically improved their relationships and now boast happier, healthier marriages.


So, what does this 5-week TalkType Workshop include?

  • Understanding Their Personal Preponderate Style of Communication 

  • Developing Effective/ Applicable Communication Techniques 

  • Developing Effective Response/Deescalation Techniques

  • Creating a Safe Atmosphere for Intimate Verbal Exchange  

And, how does this workshop on couples' communication work?

  1. Enroll in the workshop. 

  2. Go through the 75-minute, couple-to-counselor sessions for five weeks, at the Insights Therapeutic Services office.

  3. Complete the homework assignments.

  4. Get your custom communications plan, just for you. 


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