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It’s time to take the mystery out of getting unstuck and becoming unstoppable.

Life comes fast and hard (facts!)

Unexpected bills, job loss, or fights with your spouse can send your whole world into a tailspin. But, having the tools to bounce back from setbacks and remain positive even under pressure can give you the peace of mind you’ve been longing for.

I’ve got your back!

Hi, I’m Melanie! I have a long track record of helping clients develop the skills needed to manage stress, anxiety, anger, and phase-of-life changes. I launched Insights Academy to serve clients through short-term, results-oriented group sessions.


Anger Management

Are you ready for a full, deep-dive into learning how to manage your anger? You’re 7 weeks away from strategies to help you feel better instead of bitter.  

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Talk Type

The complete blueprint to stop small arguments from escalating into big blow-ups…and pinpoint your personal communication preferences. Are you ready? What if it were actually possible to communicate in a way that your partner and others will hear you, in just 5 weeks?


Career Coaching Workshop

You have the education and experience, but your current resume is not getting the phone to ring. Let us walk you through the keys to writing a powerful resume that will have employers calling you immediately. Land your dream job, faster, with our proven strategies for interview readiness. Are you ready to say “goodbye” to endless days of job searching and “hello” to the job of your dreams?


 "This course has completely changed my life and the way I communicate with EVERYBODY, not just my spouse."


“Before TalkType, my husband and I were headed to divorce. Small disagreements over the laundry turned into big three-day arguments fueled with threats of separation; this helped us get back on track. After the sessions with Melanie, we learned how to get our point across more clearly and effectively. Now that we communicate respectfully in a way that we both understand; small spats always stay small. I even use the tips I learned at the office. I could not be more grateful!”

*Anonymous (due to client confidentiality, identity withheld)



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